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At Sunflower Corporation we are passionate about making your event work for you.

We provide the services that you want or need, to take the stress out of organising your event, leaving you with the tasks that you have time for and actually want to do!

Whether it is designing the agenda for your next conference, finding the perfect venue or making the seemingly impossible logistics work, we can help.

The Sunflower Times

The Sunflower Times is our monthly newsletter to keep you up-to-date with the latest from The Sunflower Team.

Each month we will feature a common team problem and recommend a possible team building activity to help tackle this.

We will also look at the latest event trends and of course Hannah’s recommendation of the month, be it bar, hotel, restaurant or experience!

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Event Management

event management“Event Management only applies to big events with big budgets” – not true! To find out how you can use our event managers as an extension of your own team visit the Event Management page or get in touch.

Sunflower Blog

Read our latest event case studies as well as reviews of what the team have been up to in Sunflower Corporation’s latest blog post!

Contact Us

contact usIf you need to take the pressure off and concentrate on your day-to-day responsibilities then contact us now or read on to find out more about the services Sunflower has to offer.